What to Expect Your First Year of College

What to Expect Your First Year of College

So, you’ve graduated from high school and picked the college you will be attending. I’m sure you have heard many, many stories from family and friends about what college is like and what to expect. And, you’ve seen all the movies and TV shows about how great college is – and, do those people ever attend class!? College is great but you will never know exactly what to expect until you get there, dive in and take advantage of all the wonderful experiences that await you.


So, what are some of the things you can expect that you maybe haven’t thought about yet?

Less Structure

With no parents and being able to pick the time and days (within reason) you schedule you classes, it is easy to fall into some bad habits with your free time. You will get up later in the day, probably take more naps and stay up later than before. But, make sure you make time for all the great activities your campus has to offer, meeting new people and of course – studying! Try not to procrastinate too much and stay responsible and on top of your tasks.

Weight Gain

I’m sure you have heard about the freshman 15 and have told yourself that, that will not happen to you. It is a lot easier than you think! You are more in control of the groceries you keep in your apartment or dorm and if you eat at the campus cafeteria, it can get dangerous with the buffet style line of food waiting for you to dig in. Make time to utilize the fitness center!

New Friends, New Experiences

Most of the other freshman in your dorm are in the same situation as you – they don’t know a soul there either (or maybe just a handful of people) and are excited to meet all the new, friendly faces around them. You will experience homesickness and miss your high school friends but the people you meet in college are (a lot of the time) the closest, and life-long bonds you will create. Smile and greet everyone, get involved in campus activities and mingle!

You’re On Your Own

Your professors are great and usually very helpful but are not there to hold your hand, remind you repeatedly of deadlines you have on the horizon or to scold you when you turn your papers in late, are late to class too often or plain old miss too many classes. But, they do notice. So, if you are not organized and on top of your game and miss too much class or assignments, expect it to reflect in that grade your receive at the end of the semester.

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