Social Media - What you need to know

Today’s article by Rachel Laitala, former college student, talks about managing your social media presence. She definitely knows what she’s talking about since she expertly managed her own social media accounts as a student and is now a Public Relations professional. Rachel also writes her own blog, which you can read here.


From Rachel:


So, you’re a college student or recent grad in the middle of the ever-exciting job or internship hunt? Even if you aren’t searching for a job or internship yet and are just enjoying the greatness of college life – doesn’t matter - clean up those social media sites and be get professional!

I know, I know, Facebook is a place where you can share all your funny, sometimes inappropriate thoughts and ramblings with friends and family and Instagram is the place where you share all those great party photos, right?! Wrong.

If you want to use these sites for these purposes, be my guest, but make sure you check your privacy settings and only allow the people you grant access to, to view your profiles. However, we all know social media is becoming and huge part of the job search, business and life in general. Meaning, being able to show off your impressive social media skills can be a huge plus.

So, clean up those sites and make sure they are looking fresh and professional. (Create separate personal sites if you can't keep your inappropriate pictures and not-so-professional thoughts off the internet - and make sure your settings are set to private. Even though I really just suggest keeping your online presence as professional as possible and relevant to your future field.)

Control who sees your posts. Facebook offers a setting for filtering your posts. Use it. Create the lists for your friends, family and professional 'friends' and make sure each of your posts are set to show only to the appropriate lists. And, please, please do not use Facebook as your diary. Nobody needs, or cares to, read about the drama in your life.

Think before you tweet and make sure your Twitter handle is something professional. Avoid inappropriate and outdated names.Use Twitter to proactively network and show your knowledge in your field.

One good rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t want your grandma or parents to see/know – it is definitely not okay to post on social media.


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