Study Abroad

Welcome to Study Abroad, your pathway to exploring the world. In today’s globally competitive atmosphere, the opportunity to reach out to other cultures will be not just a personal enrichment, but an academic one as well.

For the student looking to earn a degree in another country

If you are looking to Study Abroad and earn your degree in another country, our college search tab

is exactly where you should start. If you need a little help, remember that we have Educational Planners who can also assist you in finding the right match.

For the student enrolled in a college or university

  • Studying Abroad…Is it for me? Only you can decide if this experience is right for you, but if you’re already thinking about studying abroad, it’s time to begin researching what it is all about.
  • When do I go and how long can I stay?
    • You can study abroad all four years if you’re looking to earn a Bachelors; our college search tool will be your guide
    • There are many possibilities for studying abroad that include the summer, a winter break, a semester or even a year
    • If you’re already attending college, check with you school, they are sure to have a study abroad program or can direct you to one that has been approved
  • Where do I want to study abroad? There are many factors that will affect where you go to study abroad. Some things to look into:

Location : Does your school have a list of approved schools? How far are you willing to travel?

Weather : Will the weather be part of your decision. If you’re looking to be warm in the winter, do not forget to check the climate- remember it is summer in Australia when it is winter in Minnesota

Programs available : Does the country and school you’re looking at have the program you want or need. Will the credits transfer and will I still be on track for graduating if I study abroad?

Planning early and asking key questions will keep you on track

Finances : How much will it cost to study abroad? It is not just tuition that needs to be considered; there is travel, insurance, food, and housing. Check with others who have studied abroad, meet with your schools advisors and always look for scholarships and financial aid.

Housing : Will you opt to live in a dorm or maybe with a host family?

  • Things to Know about Studying Abroad
    • Passport :- you will most likely need one. Visit for passport requirements and information.
    • Visa :- Not the credit card; A visa is a stamp inside of your passport. This endorsement from a foreign government permits you to enter that country for a specified reason and length of time. The visa application process prior to departure can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
    • Health Insurance :- Check to see if your school offers a student health insurance that will follow protect you in other countries. There are also insurance providers who specialize in international travelers and students who are studying abroad.
    • Discount Cards :- Look into discount cards like the International Student Identification Card (ISIC)

Things to remember:

  • Cell phones or calling cards may be less expensive if you get one in the country you are studying abroad in and cafes often offer free Wi-Fi so you can Skype with family and friends
  • Have copies of your documents
  • Remember that you will probably need adapters for your electric devices; buy them before you get to your host country
  • Bring some foreign currency
  • Notify your credit card company before you leave so your account isn’t frozen

So much to do, but it will be worth it in the end. Find a great study abroad checklist and let it be your guide. Remember to utilize the tools your school already has and others who have traveled and studied abroad before you. They will be a great asset. If you’re looking to earn your degree in another country; do your research, get together with one of our planners, utilize our college search tool and enjoy your experience.