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College Match  – The most comprehensive college search tool.  

Trust the global college match finder, Education Path Finder to help students achieve their educational goals. Our comprehensive college search tool makes the entire process easier and presents various college options, based on the criterions mentioned by students.


What We Do

We have an application with an extensive search engine and over 10,000 universities using which a student can find a college matching with his or her selection criteria.



Education Path Finder is a global education marketplace where students come together to promote and support the educational goals of people around the world  with integrity, creativity and excellence.



Education Path Finder is the marketplace where students can find the tools to DREAM, PLAN and ACHIEVE their educational goals.


Our site provides the tools needed to find the best match for your future, whether that is a college, university, vocational or training program. Continuing education and professional opportunities allow students to add definition to dreams.


Education Path Finder values


- SYNERGY through the integration of our databases and matching services

- INTEGRITY of our information and services

- FLEXIBILITY in meeting the needs of our members

- EXCELLENCE in everything we do!