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Education Path Finder brings forth a global academic college match finder for students to find top colleges and tutors all across the USA. We help you to search colleges and look for the ideal match that suit your unique needs. We offer one-on-one as well as online sessions.

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Kids enter the planning phase of their lives post high school when they need to decide which college they want to enroll in. This is that time in any student’s life, when they think big and plan accordingly to fulfill those dreams. Getting the right guidance from elders or counselors becomes the need of the hour for them. Since this guidance goes a long way in selecting the accurate courses that can define their professional path.
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College Search Engine Database for Top Colleges in USA

At EPF, we boast of an extensive college search engine database that helps students to look for top colleges in USA, befitting their needs. Being an education marketplace stretched across the globe, we assist students to dream, plan and excel in achieving their educational goals.

EPF Community Update

Education Path Finder Connects Students to Caribbean Medical Schools

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Need help paying for college. Start here and explore the world of financial aid, scholarships, loans, grants and more.
Preparing to go off to college is an exciting time, but wondering how you will pay for it may leave you a bit overwhelmed. Read More

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